Volunteer Association

Vision Statement

A world in which funding for the types of program we sponsor is included in the budget of organisations that provide services to people with diverse abilities, regardless of where they live.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Riverview Home Volunteer Association is to source and administer funding to assist in the provision of therapeutic and recreational activities to benefit the residents of the main Riverview Home in Riverton and the various Group Homes located, mainly in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.


  • Honesty
    We are open and transparent in our dealings with all residents, the Riverview Home Corporation, funders and stakeholders.
  • Respect
    We demonstrate respect for others in everything we do and all the partnerships we engage in.
  • Compassion
    As we engage with individuals from all walks of life , we act with consideration, kindness and sensitivity.
  • Understanding
    We recognize the potential of residents; our capacity to raise awareness of the barriers facing people of diverse abilities; and the need to advocate on their behalf.

Board of Directors

Riverview Home Volunteer Association

  • President:
    Roger Swarbrick
  • Vice-President:
    Glen MacKinnon
  • Treasurer:
    Arlene MacGregor
  • Secretary:
    Ardath Rankin
  • Directors:
    Clarrie MacKinnon
    Ross MacIntosh
    Mary K. MacKinnon
    Jim Mitchell